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In today’s world, students must be prepared to become global citizens and 21st century collaborators and thinkers. Students entering a global economy will need the skills and ability to understand and work with various cultures and societies, and have respect and understanding of their different traditions and histories. Students participating in an International Education and International Baccalaureate program are reaching for success in higher education and are enthusiastically becoming active participants in a global society.

Eugene International High School was identified as one the best examples of international education around the country in 2007, when it was awarded the Goldman Sachs Foundation High School Prize for Excellence in International Education. IHS is a teacher developed school-within-a-school across three high school campuses in Eugene, Oregon. Students at Churchill, Sheldon and South High Schools learn curriculum centered on various topics such as world cultures, international knowledge, language acquisition, world geography, world literature, history, current events, world health, political systems, belief systems, and the theory of knowledge.

IHS Student Government

IHS Student Government is a student council geared toward creating unity across our three campuses, celebrating IHS’s unique culture and students, and inspiring awareness about global issues and making steps toward change. We organize cross-campus events such as the IHS Celebration, the World Cup Ultimate Tournament, and the classic Penny Wars. IHS Student Government allows the IHS student body to have a voice through our representatives on Site Council at each campus and the School Board. These representatives allow the student body to be aware of major decisions being made and have a say in these decisions.

One of our major focuses for the upcoming year is our relationship with a micro-financing organization called KIVA. KIVA is a loansystem that empowers entrepreneurs in developing countries and conflict areas. One exciting aspect of IHS Stu Gov is that we are not simply focusing on a single school or even a single district, but bringing our attention to matters of global importance and looking to bring awareness of these issues to our peers. This year we have some ambitious plans and pretty amazing ideas and we would love for you to be a part of it. Read more about our current activities on the page links below!

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